Studio Safety

Ideal Studio Safety

Safety in design studios is a difficult topic: it´s essential, but yellow/black safety belts or other fencing are seen critical for aesthetic reasons – and invisible laser fences often lead to unintended triggering and therewith interruption of the studio process. We developed a camera based system using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify persons entering the work range of a clay milling machine. Watching the area around the machine the system is reacting with a slow down or a complete stop depending on how close you get to the hazardous zone. The slow down combined with acoustic and visual signals that further steps will stop the machine will minimize unintended full stops of the machine. As the system is only reacting to persons, it´s also not triggered by flying clay chips.
Finally save working in design studios without unintended interruptions and fencing is possible. This also means that the studio is aways clear and clean for presentations without disassembling of safety equipment.